Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Is Your Social Security Secure?

So you are retired and it's time to relax and live life at a more relaxed pace. This is the life you have been waiting on. You can finally live life with no worries. You have a retirement nest egg and of course you have your Social Security Income. But wait...you also have some lingering tax issues you did not get cleared up before you retired. Most might fear that the IRS can gather up your nest egg and leave you with an empty "coop." This is true but there IS another concern...the IRS can also levy your Social Security Check. Let me say that again...

The IRS can levy your Social Security Check!

The IRS can levy up to 15% of your Social Security Income in order to retrieve the money you owe the IRS for past due taxes. I know what you are thinking...I don't make enough in my social security check now...how am I going to pay my bills if they take even more money out of it? There are solutions that can be reached so if you want to know what your options are before this happens to you please contact a professional tax resolution company.

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